WoManifestor/Libra/Serial Entrepreneur/ Dog Lover/ Nia Black Belt Teacher/ JourneyDance Facilitator/ Yoga Nidra Teacher/ Obsessive Creative/ Spa-Hopper/Pleasure Director/
I am in constant awe of this incredible life immersed in movement, music and magic!

Ten years ago I stepped into the path of teaching Nia. My Nia classes are an energetic mix of expression, laughter, healing, play and Joy. I lead from a powerfully authentic, somatic – heart centered place, creating a holistic experience of fitness, pleasure and connection.

Zero judgement- Pure permission to be exactly who and where you are right now.

Two years ago I opened iBODY Inspired Movement Studio in Denver to have a sacred space to practice and teach.  I have been leading movement retreats since 2013 in Mexico and Bali and now Costa Rica.

Kick off your shoes and leave your inhibitions at the door!