Nia. So much more than a fitness class!


So many times when I tell people that I teach Nia, I receive a blank stare. 

“What is Nia?” they question.

That is when I reach for my elevator answer, “Nia is a cardio fusion dance fitness lifestyle that has 9 movement forms including dance, martial arts and Yoga. It’s a mind/body/emotion/fitness experience with a variety of foci, movements and music.” 

Yeah, I know it’s a mouthful and doesn’t even come close to articulating the true experience of it. Nia is something that needs to be tasted, experienced and sensed. Yes, you will get a workout, but it is the consequence of moving, playing, breathing, connecting and having FUN! And still, this doesn’t come close to capturing the experience. So, as we say, Step In and sense for yourself.

What I can tell you about the experience in my classes is…


  • You will learn the language of Nia – 52 Moves to Condition and Connect with your body.
  • You will experience a variety of Music to bring out your most creative dance.
  • You will be honored for exactly where you are Right Now.
  • You will find and dance with all ages, all body types.
  • You will be lead with love and given permission to express in your own way.
  • It will be a full experience, beginning with a focus and intention that will connect you with all parts of your being. Body-Mind-Emotion-Spirit.
  • This community will welcome and celebrate you and be excited to dance with you.
  • You have the power to choose the level your body needs while dancing towards your potential.
  • There are only two wrong ways to do it; to hurt yourself or to frown!


I am in awe of the way Nia is exploding here in Denver and at my studio,

iBODY Inspired Movement.  

Almost every class we have new students dipping their toes, bare toes, into not only a new class, but into a new way of being in a body. Join me on the dance floor and step into your sacred athlete. Kick off your shoes and leave your inhibitions at the door! 

Your body will thank you.



Photos by Darrin Harris Frisby and Kate Testerman.